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Using Branding Photography on Social Media

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

Well-curated images that match with the identity of your business or brand are useful for every part of your marketing mix. Think about all the touch points you have with your audience and how your images are being used. Here are a few ideas of how to create the perfect social media feeds for your brand to do just that.

Use your Brand Assets

If you already have the basic building blocks of your brand, such as color palette, fonts, imagery, logos and slogans, you have all of the pieces you need to create a beautiful and cohesive social media presence for your brand!

First, look to your brand colors. If you’re creating product photos or staged photos of product usage, it should be relatively easy to bring in those colors into your images. Your photographer can help you do this in unique and creative ways. This can be done through your clothing, accessories, props, the location, and more. Head over to my post on using props in your branding photography to learn more!

Create a Visual Theme

To curate an appealing, cohesive feed, it’s important to select a consistent style for your posts. By hiring a professional photographer, you will instantly have images that all have the same coloring, editing, styling, and create a cohesive look and theme for your feed. This means you also won’t have to spend time playing around with filters or edits— your images will be ready for you to use the moment you receive them from your photographer! From crisp minimalism to bold and colorful, there are thousands of accounts you can draw inspiration from.

Remember to Tell Your Story

Social Media can be the perfect tool to create an emotional connection to your brand. Instead of posting images that merely showcase your products, share images to evoke the feelings, dreams, and ideals you want associated with your brand. It’s easy to just post beautiful images, but unfortunately, aesthetic beauty is not enough to be successfully marketable on your social channels. The key to establishing a loyal and enthusiastic following is to use your images to tell a story that captivates and engages your followers and allows them to be part of the adventure.

High quality photography, and the way in it interacts with your design, can elevate your brand instantly, thus increasing customer engagement and conversion. If you’re interested in learning more about the basics of brand photography, check out my post on the benefits of brand photography.

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