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Communication is the key to good photos

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Congratulations, you’ve booked a headshot session! This is a big step toward building your career or growing your small business.

Before your session, the first step is to communicate with your photographer to make sure you’re both in agreement about the logistics of the shoot. Here are some important points that you should cover while planning your session.

1. Where will these photos be used?

Headshots can have multitudes of uses. They can be used for job searches for LinkedIn, or for acting, or for a business website or social media. They can be used in e-mail signatures or a company's "about us" page. Be sure your photographer understands the purpose of the photo, so you can work together to get the best professional photo for that application.

2. What personality traits should the image deliver?

An attorney headshot should convey authority and confidence, while a headshot for someone who works in social media might project a stylish and fun look. What adjectives should people use to describe the final photos?

3. Where will we take the photos?

Now that we've nailed down how the photo will be used, and a bit of the style, we can start planning a location.

  • Colored seamless background in the studio or on location: Seamless paper can give you endless options, from classic white or gray to vibrant colors to match your business branding. You also change out the background digitally, but it's important to know this is your goal before your session.

  • Your home or office: If you are trying to communicate some of your office culture, show off some of your office spaces in the background of your photos. Or, if you work from home, having some of your home's furnishings and art in the background can be great to tell your business story.

  • Park or public space: Shooting outdoors can be nice for capturing natural foliage backgrounds. But, shooting outside comes with challenges like possible bad weather and lack of access to a space for clothing changes.

Like any project, you should work with your photography team to set goals. With clear goals and clear communication, the outcome will be a beautiful headshot, perfect for your career or business needs.

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Bonnie Heath, photographer, Atlanta


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