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Your business needs professional team headshots

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Does your company team page look like a hodgepodge of images cropped from wedding photos, dated headshots and selfies? Here are five reasons to invest in some professional team photos.

1. First impressions

It's likely that the first glance potential customers get of your company is your web site. You've probably invested a lot of money and time crafting the company site to look professional. Don't skimp on the staff page. Present your team in the best light with polished headshots.

2. Building your brand

Your team photos should line up with your business branding. Colors, posing, expressions and style of the headshots can speak volumes about your company purpose.

One of my regular clients, Impact Development decided to showcase their fun workplace culture by taking two headshots of each employee, one with a prop representing one of their hobbies and the posing is playful. All of these choices were made with their company branding in mind.

3.Team building

Including everyone on your staff in headshot photos can build a wonderful sense of camaraderie and teamwork. An inclusive process lets every person know they are important.

4. Recruiting tool

When professional team headshots are displayed on your website, potential new employees can get a sense of your company culture. Polished photos will ensure your team looks professional and friendly.

If you look at the Impact Development team page, you get a sense that this is a fun place to work. They value creativity and style.

5. Marketing

There are countless many ways to use team headshots for marketing other than your website: email signatures, social media outlets, press releases, speaking engagement promos, internal and external newsletters, zoom profile photos.

It doesn't matter if your company is big or small. You can make a big impression with polished professional headshots on your team page.

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