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Digital backgrounds are available

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

You may have noticed that Atlanta weather is extremely unpredictable. It's tricky to schedule outdoor sessions around rain, cold, wind or uncomfortably hot conditions. Compositing photos can keep us from having to reschedule your outdoor photos. We can photograph you on a grey or white background then place you on a custom digital background; all while you enjoy the air conditioning in our studio.

It can be a better option for team headshots, as well. When team photos have to match each other, it's easier to get consistency with digital composites. For instance, if we have full sun on the first day of shooting with a skyline background, but overcast when we photograph the last few team members, the backgrounds for each set of images will look completely different.

We can also create a custom digital background with your office as the background image. If we need to take newly hired employees photos at my studio, we can swap in your custom background to match the other photos taken in your office.

Here are examples of my current digital backgrounds you can select for your photos. After you pick your favorite photos for retouching, then let us know which background you would like behind you. Background replacement is $25 per image, with discounts for volume headshot sessions.

Digital background selection: campus

Digital background selection: office lobby

Digital background selection: office

Digital background selection: park

Digital background selection: skyline

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