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5 Ways to Use a Professional Headshot in Marketing

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Using the same headshot on a number of different marketing materials can lead to better recognition and trust with your prospective clients. When a customer sees the same headshot on a business card that they do when they drive past your billboard to work every day, their awareness in your brand increases, and you are associated with your respective field. If you've recently gotten a professional headshot taken at the office or on your own, here are a variety of ways to take advantage of using your image in multiple marketing spaces:

Social Media

When you choose a headshot or portrait shot for your social media accounts, think carefully. What is the purpose of your social networking activity? Are you representing yourself as an individual, or are you online as part of your business? Perhaps you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner. Your social media headshot can seem no bigger than a thumbnail, but it packs a powerful punch. The image you use can vary from platform to platform. Read my more in-depth guide to using branding photography on social media here.

Email Signature

Faces are a powerful tool in marketing. A great headshot goes a long way in developing trust with your prospects. Future customers and clients will feel more comfortable requesting a demo or a showing from someone who they know. An excellent headshot helps make it personal and helps instill that trust.

Print Marketing Materials

Similarly to email signatures, business cards, flyers, brochures, (and more!) can be a great way for people to connect with you through your image. Most business cards or flyers are treated simply as a vehicle to convey information or contact details to those who may become customers. When a headshot is used, you are reminding the customer of who you are- a real human behind the information you're conveying. They are less likely to forget their interactions with you if they are seeing your face on a regular basis; especially if you've only met them once, or even just spoken to them on the phone.

Press Kits

Story requirements aside, reporters want to see what you're describing, so keep the following up-to-date in your press kit:

- Photos (preferably high-resolution headshots) of the CEO, founder or co-founders, and other notable executives

- Photos of your offices

- Photos or screenshots of your product or service, each with a caption describing what's pictured

- Company logos and icons in multiple versions


Professional, high-quality photography can transform your online presence in a number of important ways. It can showcase your work, reinforce key brand points, or evoke a particular emotional response in potential clients. You’ve dished out hundreds – maybe even thousands – of dollars for your beautiful new website. It’s responsive, your social media is linked, and your site is search engine optimized. But your web designer can’t turn a website filled with low quality images or stock photos into a website that says “we’re reliable”. Read more about the power of professional photography for your website here.

If you're still deciding if you need professional photography, check out my blog on why a vibrant headshot makes all the difference. I'd love to work with you to help convey your message to your future clients and customers! Click here to schedule some time with me to chat about your professional photography needs today.

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