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A vibrant headshot makes all the difference

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

We live more and more of our lives online, so it pays to breathe life into your online profiles -- especially your headshot. It’s literally the face of your online identity, so don’t settle for anything less than a curated, professional and up-to-date photograph.

Whether you’re corporate management or a job applicant, a working actor or a self-employed entrepreneur, a professional headshot caps your profile with relatability and credibility.

I specialize in portraits and headshots, so I know all the techniques to capture realistic, honest and engaging images of my clients. If there’s an emotion or personal energy you want to communicate through the image, I’ll work with you to bring it out in the final image. I’ll advise about your clothing options for the shot, the appropriate background as well as providing direction with posing.

Photography isn’t a magical transformation. Rather, it’s about capturing the best possible you. For a personal or dating profile, this might mean capturing your carefree attitude or laid-back personality. For a professional headshot, you might want to stress focus or approachability -- whatever edge you’re looking to convey on your profile.

After all, social media is today’s most essential form of marketing -- and that goes for companies and individuals alike. Consumers put more trust in social content than pure advertising. They value the personal human touch over everything else. Meanwhile, job recruiters increasingly turn to LinkedIn, Twitter and FaceBook profiles, if only to put a face with a name.

Are you ready to put the best face on your online identity? Convey the strengths and emotions you want others to perceive. Present a professional and up-to-date representation of who you are. I’ll help you do it.

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Bonnie Heath, photographer, Atlanta


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