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There's no place like home

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

If you are looking for a location for your branding session, consider a session in your home.

Choosing a location for a branding session can be a challenge. Some locations do not allow portrait photography or charge fees for photo shoots.

If you find a public park setting with no fees, some parks may not have bathroom facilities for clothing changes. That means switching outfits in your car may be the only option. Not to mention, a public park bathroom is NO one's ideal changing room!

If you choose your home as a photo location, access to a bathroom and a changing room are not the only benefits. Let's consider a few of the others:

1. Your personal style is reflected in your home. You have curated your space with your colors, art and furniture. All of those things will help tell your story.

2. Access to your clothing. It can be hard to choose what to wear for your session, so having access to your whole closet can be a nice bonus, if you need to pick a different outfit or accessories.

3. Access to props. It can be great to tell your story with the use of props. If you are an interior designer, having some paint or fabric swatches on your desk could be a great way to signal your profession to viewers.

4. Photos with pets. If your dog is a work mascot, it can be nice to get a few photos of your fur baby during your session. It's a lot easier to coordinate this at home than at a photographer's studio. Photos with pets always get great engagement on social media.

5. You are most comfortable in your own home. It can be a bit stressful driving to a location you've never visited in order to take photos. It's nice to let your photographer do the traveling. Don't worry about lighting! I'll bring lights to enhance/overcome whatever natural light you have in your home.

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