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Professional hair and makeup styling services

Updated: Feb 29

During my time specializing in headshots and business portraits, I've noticed that hiring a professional hair and makeup stylist before a session helps to create the great experience and the best final photos. It takes away the worry and pressure of doing your own hair and makeup and it gives you time to relax and be pampered before your headshot session. Stylists who have worked on photo or film shoots have perfected techniques to help you look your best in photos.

Unless I'm working on a commercial or editorial job, hair and makeup fees ($150 for hair and makeup styling, $100 for either service separately) are paid directly to the stylists. If you would like your stylist to stay during the session to help with touch ups or a second "look" the cost is $75 an hour.

Steps for adding hair and makeup.

1. Sign the proposal and paid for half your session.

2. Let me know that you want to add hair and makeup services.

3. I will find a hair and makeup artist for your session date and time.

4. I will send you an introductory email so that you can arrange for payment and send 2-3 inspiration images for how you'd like your hair and makeup done.

5. Look for a calendar invite so you know exactly what time you are meeting them.

All of the artists on our team are personable, kind and extremely talented. They are experienced with all tones and types of skin (oily, dry, combination etc.)

Ashley Skelly has been helping my clients look their best for six years. She works in the film industry as a hair and makeup stylist and does some costume and wardrobe work, too. Here's a link to her some of her recent work.

Tara DiPetritrillo is a talented and versatile hair and makeup artist. She does special effects work as well. Here's a link to her website.

Bonus resource! Several of my clients have used stylists at Blo's Midtown location next to Whole Foods on Ponce de Leon Ave. This location is about 15 minute drive from my studio. They have a great online booking system for hair and makeup styling. Let your stylist know that you are having headshots taken, and you want a natural look as if you are going to a job interview.

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