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My favorite lifestyle locations in Atlanta

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

I offer two types of portrait sessions... lifestyle sessions and studio sessions. These labels can be confusing, because not everyone uses the same terminology for these two varieties of shoots. I categorize studio sessions as the images taken indoors with a solid studio background. I put all outdoor sessions and indoor shots that show the environment in the "lifestyle" category.

It can be a little tricky to find a good location for photos. Some places like the Atlanta Botanical Garden, charge a fee for the use of their property for professional photos. Other spots like Piedmont Park might be too crowded for my clients to feel comfortable.

Here's my current list of places that I love taking portrait photos. All of them are free and are usually not too crowded.

1. The Carter Center- If you would like a combination of greenery and some spaces that look like an office complex, I suggest the grounds of the Carter Center. Parking is free and we can get a great variety of shots.

2. East Lake Tunnel- If you would like a mural in the background of your photos, I love shooting at the tunnel under 2nd Ave in East Lake. This is about a mile from my studio!

3. Trinity Pl Mural by Milagros Collective- Here's another great mural option. This one is in Decatur, near the Decatur Police Department. This spot is about 2 miles from my studio.

4. Jackson Street Bridge- This is everyone's favorite skyline spot! The only downside of this location is that it can be a little crowded with photographers at sunset (the best time to shoot there) and you might have to park and walk a bit from a side street. This is about 4 miles from my studio.

5. Whittier Mill Park- This park is on the west side of town, but it's worth the drive! I missed shooting at the Goat Farm, and found that this works great as a free substitute.


Bonnie Heath, photographer, Atlanta


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