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How to organize a successful office headshot day

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

Office headshot day can be a little like office flu shot day. But, it doesn't have to be super stressful or unpleasant for everyone! Like a lot of business tasks, preparation is the key to success.

1. Communicate with us about the style of photos that would be best for your company's brand.

Are you matching a style that's given to you from your head office? Are you going for a more casual, less corporate?

2. Try to pick a day when everyone is in the office.

This one may seems like a no-brainer, but you should let everyone know that if they miss photo day, they may have to go to the photographer's studio to do their make up photos. Or, your company may have to pay an additional fee for the photographer to come back out to the office for a make up session.

3. Advise everyone about how they should be dressed.

This will be strongly influenced by the style you've determined. If you are going for a more casual style, you may want to have everyone take off their ties and roll their sleeves up. My advice for almost every shoot is to avoid strong patterns and stripes as they can be very distracting in photos. Tell everyone that they can bring a couple of choices of tops, and your photographer will help them pick out the best option.

4. Pay a little extra for hair and makeup touch-ups.

Working with hair and makeup stylists can make such a difference in everyone's confidence level! Ask your photographer for a quote.

5. Draft a schedule with your photographer.

It can help office photo day go more smoothly to have a loose schedule. Work with your photographer to figure out how much time is needed between shots.

6. If you want outdoor or lobby photos, check with your building manager.

You would be surprised at how many office property managers do not allow photos in their building lobbies or even outdoors on the grounds. Double check before the day of the shoot!!!

7. If your location is indoors, be sure to reserve a conference room.

It's helpful if the reservation for the conference room starts an hour before your shoot. Your photographer will be bringing in a lot of gear for the shoot, and they will need set up time. It also may be helpful for the makeup artist to begin an hour before the first person is schedule to be photographed.

8. Onsite viewing can help everyone feel more confident about their photos.

And, if everyone in the office picks their shots on site, the photos finished shots can be done a lot more quickly.

9. Need a group shot or candid office photos? Let your photographer know in advance of your shoot day.

The agreement you have signed with your photographer probably includes a "scope of work" contract. You may need to pay an additional fee for candid photos. And, your photographer may need to bring additional lights to set up for a group shot.

10. Bring a spare jacket and tie to the shoot.

If you are looking for a more professional, "buttoned up" look for your photos, it doesn't hurt to bring a spare jacket and tie for those who might have forgotten it was picture day.

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