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Atlanta small business interview with Leslie Brashear, owner and designer of Delightful Sites

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

How long have you been in business and what inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

I've had the business since 2010 but really kick-started Delightful Sites when I moved to Atlanta in early 2017. I was initially inspired to become an entrepreneur when I was still in a banking career. I realized that there was a part of me being restricted and I wanted to use my skills I'd gained from years in banking as well as in the hospitality industry and my early years in photography, to do something on my own. I did not know what that would look like at first. It has been a fun journey combining the visual skills from photography, business knowledge gained from banking and high touch customer service skills from all three. In 2019 I added Delightful Tours, inspired from a love of travel and of exploring different cultures through their foods and drinks. 

What has been your biggest business challenge?

The biggest challenge in the early years was finding my way to what exactly I wanted to focus on and build. In the beginning, I stayed closer to financial services but over time I realized that design and marketing (plus travel!) were more my strength and love. 

What has been your proudest accomplishment?

Honestly, I am just proud of the fact that I am still going. Being an entrepreneur can be lonely and can be a lot of hours. I am lucky to have found a few excellent groups of business owners in Atlanta. 

How do high quality photos help you with business branding and marketing?

The photos Bonnie took really help to show people who I am. I am using them on all of my social media and on my websites. 

Why did you pick Bonnie and her team as your photographer, and why would you recommend her to other business owners?

I was impressed with the work I saw online and I knew that she could bring out my personality. I am very happy with the final product and I've already recommended her to several clients.

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