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Using Corporate Headshots to Connect with your Audience

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

A solid background puts more emphasis on a subject's face and expression with no distraction from the background.

Headshots are powerful tools that can be used effectively by businesses, non-profit and government organizations. Professional company headshots can help convey to prospective clients that your company is capable and qualified to offer the services rendered. When you use headshots for your business, your target audience will be able to recognize your brand among many others, as they have come to associate a face with a name or company through your company team photos.

Digital background swaps can be a good way to get an environmental look with more consistency.

More than ever, it is important to look for ways to connect on a deeper level with your prospects. Before potential clients click onto your site, read any of your content, or learn more about services, something needs to grab their attention. As a visually driven society, photos have increasingly become an effective way of engaging an audience. Additionally, corporate headshots show potential clients that you are investing in your marketing and company as a whole. This can be a motivator to want to learn more about your business or service. Headshots can be used on your company website, email signatures, in your marketing programs, and in social media streams to improve your audience’s perspective of your business. When your brand is clear and concise, it attracts your target audience and bring in more clients.

Environemental headshots show use textures or backgrounds at your office location.

Background vs. environmental vs background swaps. Using a studio background can be the best way to make sure a large number of headshots are consistent and look great on a page together, especially if you have teams in different locations. Solid backgrounds will place the emphasis on your team's faces and smiles.

Alternatively, environmental headshots in your office are a way for your potential clients to get a glimpse of your workspace and office style. Lifestyle (natural background) headshots can show your staff in their environment displaying a passion and energy that’s visible around the work that they do.

My team can also place a digital background behind a headshot shot on studio background for more consistent environmental look.

To learn more about professional headshots, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. All it takes is a quick call to discuss what type of headshots will work best for your company. Book yours with me today here.

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