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Tips for using Pixieset galleries

Pixieset is a great tool to view proof images, make selections for retouching and to download your completed images. Here are some tips for using Pixieset.

To get started viewing your images (proofing gallery or final gallery) open the email, then-

1. Click the "View Photos" button.

2. Enter your 4-digit pin password provided in the email.

3. Your gallery will open. Scroll down to begin viewing your photos. You may see separate folders, if you booked a long session.

To select favorites-

1. click on the heart icon near the image you want to mark as a favorite.

2. To send your favorites for retouching, click the heart button at the top right corner.

3. Click the paper airplane button to send your selections.

To download retouched individual images-

1. To download a photo, enlarge the photo by clicking it.

2. Locate the down arrow above the photo and click the down arrow.

If you are viewing a proof gallery, you will not be able to download the photos. Proof images are not included with your package because the photos are not finished yet! Proof galleries are for selecting your favorite photos so that we can send them to your retoucher.

To download your full gallery: 1. Locate the down arrow download button located just under the main header image at the top of your gallery.

2. After clicking the download button, a new window will open that asks you for your Email and the 4-Digit-PIN that I provided you with. Enter this information here.

3. Choose the quality options for downloading. Keep in mind that "web size" will optimize your photos for social networks and email sharing, while selecting "original" will download your photos in full, large file size quality that will work for printing.

It's important to download your photos in high quality and save them to a safe place. This Pixieset gallery is for delivery, not storage.

4. After making your selections, click the "Start Download" button, and your download link will be sent to your email. If you wish to stay on the page, the download link will appear on this page when it is ready. Click the link either in your email or on this page and your photos will begin downloading immediately in a .zip folder.



Bonnie Heath, photographer, Atlanta


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