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5 Ways Professional Branding Photos Can Engage Your Audience

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

If you want to engage with viewers on Instagram and Facebook, then photography is key. Professional photography can help you stand out in a crowded field. Here are a some key reasons why:

1. Professional photos will help you avoid stock photos on your social feed.

Today's consumers can spot stock photography a mile away! It may be tempting to buy stock photos or find copyright free images, but they are usually lackluster shots. Even viewers who are not particularly social media savvy can tell the difference between stock images from shots taken by a photographer of you and/or your business's location.

2. Images that show you interacting with your staff or clients.

This is a tough one to get if you are taking selfies! Show potential clients how you connect with your current clients. Show them how you and your staff work together on projects.

3. Images that tell your story.

Do you work from home and love spending time with your dog between projects? Do you teach yoga and love to help your students with their poses? Do you roll up your sleeves and get to work with your team in the office? What story do you want to tell with your clients?

4. High quality photos.

I've heard it described that photography is half technology, half artistic vision. Without quality gear, photographs can look very amateurish. But the other half of the equation is even more important. The knowledge and skill of the photographer is key. There are plenty of people with high quality gear who take bad photographs. Intentional choice of lens, composition, lighting, posing, and editing are all parts of a puzzle that make up a beautiful photo.

5. Your style, not your photographer's style.

A really good assignment photographer will try to give you photos that fit your business and personal branding, not theirs. There are dozens of trends in photos right now.... dark and moody, grainy, light and airy, the "film" look, etc. Those trends will come and go. You need photos in your feed that describe you and your business. Tell your story.

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