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Lifestyle session or studio session?

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

One of the first things to decide before booking your session is what style of session you are looking for. Do you want a studio session (solid background) or a lifestyle session with a background that shows some of the environment?

If your company has asked you to have a photo done, they may have sent some requirements or examples of headshots for their purposes. Are they asking for a particular color background? Or photo orientation? Some companies have documents with their specifications outlined in detail. Ask your marketing director for guidance and forward that information to us.

If the photos are meant to tell a story about your business, you may want a branding session, which can be done in the studio or with an environmental background. Branding photos in the studio usually have more relaxed posing, show more the subject's body, sometimes involve props or custom background colors.

Branding sessions can also be taken outside or in a setting that looks more natural than a studio. They can be taken at your home or in your office. Branding sessions on location can incorporate more relaxed posing, furniture and possibly props.

Some photographers (including my studio) charge a bit more for lifestyle sessions because:

a. the location may take some extra scouting and getting permits/permissions for photos

b. shoots on location involve travel and portable lighting setups

c. sometimes there's a need to hire an assistant to help hold lights or reflectors

I hope this helps you determine the type of photos that will fit your need. My business's goal is to help provide you with a set of photos that will serve your career and business endeavors.

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