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Define the Project: 5 Questions to Answer Before Beginning Team Photos

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Before my studio can provide your company with an estimate for a team headshot job, we’ll need to know some important details about the project.

1. Numbers: How many people will be photographed, and how many of shots do you need of each person? Some companies want two photos of each team member. They might want one with a studio background and one with an environmental background. Or, one with more corporate attire, and one with business casual attire. 2. Background preference: Which background would best represent your company? Three top choices for corporate clients are white, gray or black. These are the most common backgrounds because they are neutral and will look great with any web design colors. We can also purchase a paper background to match a specific brand color. If you wish to include any outdoor elements, we would suggest a digital background replacement, instead of shooting with the view out the window as a background or doing the photos outdoors. Weather changes and light shifts from morning to afternoon make this almost impossible to get consistent backgrounds for everyone's photos. 3. Add-on photos: Do you need any group shots? Do you need “candid” shots of your team working? It’s important to let us know before we arrive if you would like group shots or posed photos of your team working. It sometimes takes some pre-planning for picking locations, and shots like these might require additional lighting. You will need to let your team know who will be in these photos. 4. Copyright licensing: Where will the photos be used? This can make a difference in the copyright licensing. Roughly 95% of the companies we work with usually need team headshots for their websites and email signatures. Website and email use is included in our basic licensing agreement. But, if the photos will be used for an advertising campaign, that will require higher fee for licensing.

5. Hair and makeup touch-ups: Would you like to treat your team to some help with their hair and makeup? We can add on one or two hair and makeup artists to help with styling. This can help make everyone feel more relaxed and the finished photos will look better too. #teamphotos #headshot #photographycopyrights

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