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Brand photography questionnaire

Updated: Apr 8

1. How would you describe your business in a sentence? This will help me get an idea of your business goals and strategy. Who is your ideal client? What problem are you solving for them?

Here's an example:

“We make booking and taking headshots simple, fun and fast.”

Ideal client- business owners who need photos for their marketing

2. How will you use your images? Figuring out how and where your images will be used is key for planning your session. Are you looking primarily for vertical or horizontal photos, or a mix of both? Will you have any printed pieces for marketing? Here are a few examples of how a new business might use their photos.

Hero image for website, horizontal

Headshot for “About page," vertical

Social media posts, vertical

Business cards, horizontal

3. How do you visually describe your business brand? What are you brand colors? Which elements of your logo describe your business?

4. Let's talk location, wardrobe and props. How can these be chosen to support your brand and message? Would a home or office session work best for your business? Or, a studio session with colorful backgrounds? Which clothing options would help support your message? Would you like to incorporate props like your laptop, branded coffee mugs, etc?

5. What's next? I will create a mood board on Pinterest so that we can collaborate with examples. Would you like for me to arrange for a stylist to help you with your hair and makeup before your session? What's your timeline for the finished images?



Bonnie Heath, photographer, Atlanta


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