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5 ways to prepare for your team headshot session

Don't sweat your company's headshot day! With a little preparation, you will get a great looking photo for your email signature, zoom photo and the company website. We've collected 5 tips that will help everyone on the team put their best face forward.

1. Wear solid colors: Stripes and patterns can be distracting in photos. The emphasis needs to be on your face and eyes. I recommend that you skip jewelry, or pick understated pieces for the same reason.

2. Avoid white tops: If you are not wearing a jacket, steer away from white or light pink. White tends to stand out a lot in a photo. We want your eyes and smile to be the most eye catching part of the photo.

3. Wear clothes that fit you: Be sure that your shirt fits well and avoid "flowing" blouses. If you have lost or gained weight since you last wore your suit, get fitted for a new shirt and jacket. Try on everything before a week before headshot day. Avoid capped sleeves, as they will sometimes make your shoulders look much larger than they are in photos.

4. Drink plenty of water and moisturize your skin in the days leading up to your shoot: Hydration will help your skin look its very best. Don't worry about blemishes! We can take fix them with retouching. Blemish removal, taming stray hair, softening under eyes and teeth whitening are included in all packages. (Requests for clothing retouches will incur additional costs.)

5. Please arrive on time for your session: Don't make your marketing team track you down for your photo. Please arrive at the designated room a minute or two early, and stop along the way to check your hair in the mirror. The headshot team will have a lint roller, blotter papers, and other helpful items to assist you, but arriving camera ready is always a great help.

Bonus tip: Bring a positive attitude! Not many people love having their headshot taken. But, if you embark on this undertaking with as much enthusiasm as possible, it will be a good experience and we'll get a great photo. Most companies are happy to let team members use their headshot photos for other purposes. You'll receive a fresh LinkedIn photo and an image to use if you are asked to speak at a conference. (Check with your marketing team to be sure you can use the images.)



Bonnie Heath, photographer, Atlanta


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