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Three ways my studio delivers excellent service to businesses

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

Before I started specializing in business photography I worked as a wedding and family photographer. Since making the switch, I've learned a few tips for working within the B to B (business to business) domain.

1. Clear and quick communication: I start with clear communication on my website. I have pricing available on my site and I list the steps for booking headshot or corporate event services. I've learned everything can happen quickly in the business world. When I receive an inquiry, I try to answer it promptly, usually within a couple of hours. Once I gather some information about your businesses photography needs, I'll send a proposal to sign and a link to make a payment to secure your session date and time.

2. A positive experience: I think a lot of people have had negative experiences with portrait photography. The bad experience might go back to school picture days, or it might have happened when a company's HR director was tasked with taking everyone's badge photos. Or maybe your company hired a pro who didn't specialize in headshots. The photographer was probably rushed or inexperienced and didn't give any pointers or prompts for posing. Even if my time with a client is short, I do my best to help everyone feel comfortable and I give coaching for how to pose and express themselves in photos. Professional lighting and attention to detail also help give my clients a great experience too.

3. Prompt delivery of finished images: Like I said before, the pace of business is quick. Many of my clients have a deadline for their headshot images tied to proposals, websites or announcements/newsletters. They might also have been asked for an image for an upcoming speaking engagement. After favorite photos have been selected, I can usually have the retouched images delivered within 1-2 business days. To speed up the process, we can select favorite photos from my laptop. This speed is possible because I've streamlined my studio's workflow. I have studio management software that helps me track each project and I outsource part of my workflow that slow down my process.

Again, the business world can move pretty fast. I try to make my part as clear, positive and prompt as possible.



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Bonnie Heath, photographer, Atlanta


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