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3 reasons my corporate clients are thrilled about HeadshotTools

Updated: Feb 16

For group headshot sessions, our studio has been beta testing a new software that is making the delivery of team headshots more streamlined. The software is called HeadshotTools. It was developed by two professional headshot photographers and a software engineer to improve workflow for this genre of photography. Here are some of the ways the HeadshotTools software is helping us serve our team headshot clients in new and exciting ways.

  1. File renaming. When HeadshotTools is set up to work with tethering software like CaptureOne, file naming is streamlined. Tethering is a technique photographers use to see digital images on their laptop or tablet screens immediately after a photo is taken. It helps photographers review images with clients, and in combination with HeadshotTools, it will help name everyones images like this- lastname_firstname001.jpg.

  2. Private, mobile-friendly proof galleries. Proof galleries can be sent individually to each person on your team after their session. No waiting for proof galleries. Everyone will have a private gallery to choose a favorite photo.

  3. Retouched photos delivered to an organizer and to each participant. Until now, it was up to the head of marketing or office administrator to distribute everyone's finished photos. HeadshotTools takes that step out of the process, because the photos will be sent to each individual participant and can be downloaded as a group by the session organizer.

This software exists to make the process of booking a headshot day as easy as possible for the team we're photographing. The creators HeadshotTools are always improving and adding features. I can't wait to see what amazing functionality will come next.



Bonnie Heath, photographer, Atlanta


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