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Background colors for event headshots

You are hosting an event and you would like to give your attendees something memorable and useful that won't clutter their office. A free headshot is a perfect gift!

The headshot booth will be set up and ready to give your attendees a great experience. Each person can sign in with a QR code on their phone, then we will guide them through posing and expressions. The photos will be instantly delivered with a branded email to their inbox.

But, which background color should you pick for these headshots? Here are four options.

1. White: White backgrounds have been popular with corporations for several years. White is the most consistent background because there are so many shades of gray that are challenging to match. (Matching backgrounds is only important if you want them to look consistent on a page together, like a company "about" page.)

2. Light gray: Light gray is neutral and it's easy to remove the background for digital swaps.

3. Dark gray: Dark gray is a crowd pleaser. Our theory is that dark backgrounds look more like portraits and less like headshots.

4. Black: Black is also a popular choice in our studio. It has a luxury look that lighter backgrounds don't bring to the table.

Let us know which background you would like for your attendees' headshots!



Bonnie Heath, photographer, Atlanta


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