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Tips to help your photo session anxiety

It's normal to feel photo jitters. A lot of people have had negative experiences with photos during school picture day or a mandatory office headshot session. Maybe the photographer gave you no direction or help with posing and none of the photos were flattering. This time, trust that you have hired a professional who will help you through the process and will do their best to make this experience a positive one. This blog post could also be titled "Preparation is the key to success" because that is the biggest tip I can give you. Do not procrastinate your photo session preparation.

  1. Read all of the information your photographer sends you. You will know that you are hiring a professional photographer when they send you a list of preparation tips. Your photographer wants the best outcome for your finished images, and they have years of experience with what looks best in photos. After reading the preparation material, if you have questions about the best options for what to wear for your session, reach out to your photographer. You can also bring extra outfits to the studio and discuss which will look the best.

  2. Try on all of your clothing options several days before your session. In a post Covid work environment, it's not uncommon to go months without needing to wear a blazer or a jacket. If you have gained or lost weight in those months, your jacket may need to be altered or replaced. Give yourself plenty of time to make those adjustments before arriving at the studio

  3. Map the route to the studio the day before your session and give yourself a little extra time for the drive. Traffic is a major source of stress for a lot of city dwellers, and it never hurts to have a plan.

Bonus tip: Trust the process. Your photographer will provide beautiful, flattering lighting and will help you with posing. They will communicate with you throughout the session and will show you photos throughout the shoot. They will work to help you have a great experience and amazing photos.



Bonnie Heath, photographer, Atlanta


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