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5 essential shots you need for your branding session

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

I just finished editing this beautiful branding session for Beaute by Bri. Bri is a makeup artist who recently launched a line of beauty products. She needed photos of herself and a few models for her website and social media. I couldn't be happier with how these turned out, and we got every one of the necessary shots for a branding session!

1. A headshot: You need at least one image that is cropped in to your head and shoulders, with great light on your face. There shouldn't be any distracting background elements and it should look great at a small size, like an email signature or LinkedIn image.

2. A relaxed shot: A shot that looks a little less posed, even if it is posed! I will give you prompts to help with this, like pretending to laugh or looking away from the camera.

3. A hobby shot: It can be helpful on your website and social media to show off your interests and let your potential clients get to know you. What you love doing in your free time? Let's include one of those hobbies in your session. Including your pet in a photo is a great one!

4. A detail shot: What are some objects you use everyday that will help tell your story? Tools of your trade. Art supplies or yoga blocks. They give your clients a little more insight into your work.

5. A working shot: Where do you work? Coffee shop? Home office? Art studio? Photographs of you working help your clients to visualize take that next step and book your services. (This last image was shot by talented friend Melle Houston who assisted me during this shoot.)


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startup indias
startup indias
09 nov. 2021

great idea.

Bonnie Heath, photographer, Atlanta


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